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This file is of course about DMS 100. Expect full length files about the other

variations of DMS (DMS 200 & 250) coming a later date. Much of the information

in this file was obtained from manuals acquired from Jester Sluggo.  Note: IBN

stands for Integrated Business Network.

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The DMS-100/IBN consists of electronic business sets and standard telephones,

data units, and attendant consoles, all located on the customer's premises; and

DMS-100 digital switching, and support hardware/software, located at the

telephone company's premises.  Together they create an integrated business

communications network that provides an unparalleled combination of features

and benefits.

o  DMS-100/IBN integrates voice and data in a total business communications


o  Effectively serves all sizes of organizations, from small businesses using

   only a few lines, to the most complex network systems with up to 30,000


o  The IBN system monitors and controls its own operations automatically;

   diagnoses problems; and in some cases, does its own repairs.

o  Fully modular, to meet present needs, and accommodate new features as they

   are needed.

o  Cost effective: Helps control communications costs through more efficient

   use of facilities; centralization of attendant service where needed; Call

   Dial Rerouting (CDR) to control and restrict long-distance calling; and

   network management.

o  Worry free operation-Northern Telecom's DMS-100 digital switches are backed

   up by highly trained telephone company personal.

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Some of the other features that DMS 100 has include:

o  Automatic Route Selection - automatically routes long distance calls over

   the most economical route available.

o  Station Message Detail Recording - provides a detailed record of long

   distance charges, including the originating number, time, and duration,

   authorization code, etc.

o  Direct Inward System Access (DISA) - enables company personnel to use

   cost-saving company facilities for long distance calling, even from outside

   the company.

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                         System Features and Benefits

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Note: I will list all the features, but I will only go into detail about the

      important ones.



Call Waiting Lamp

Loop Keys - There are 6 loop keys, each with its associated source and

            destination lamp to indicate the calling and called party states.

Alphanumeric Display

Multiple Directory Numbers

Feature Keys - Up to a total of 42.  Some of them could be used for Speed

               Calling and Paging System.

Incoming Call Identifier

Exclude Source/Exclude Destination - privacy keys

Signal Source/Signal Destination:  Release Source/Release Destination

Console Features


Access to paging                       Call hold

Call detail entry                      Remote console

Call Selection                         Console display

Camp-on                                Automatic recall

Conference - 6 port                    Two-way splitting

Non-delayed operation                  Attendant transfer

Locked loop operation                  Busy verification of lines

Manual and automatic hold              Multiple console operation

Busy verification of trunks            Switched loop operation

Trunk group busy indication            Uniform call distribution form queue

Multiple listed directory numbers      Control of trunk group access

Secrecy                                Night service

Serial call                            Speed calling

Lockout                                Delayed operation

Position busy                          Interposition calling

Through dialing

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LCD Indicators

Call Forwarding

Automatic Line

Call Pick-up

Ring Again - automatically redials busy numbers until they are free

Multiple Directory Numbers


Speed Call

Call Transfer/Conference

On-Hook Dialing

Additional Programmable Features


Automatic Hold

Listen-on Hold

Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADN)

 - Single Call Arrangement

 - Multiple Call Arrangement

Privacy Release

Tone Ringing with Volume Control

End-to-End Signaling

Call Park

Make Set Busy

Malicious Call Trace

Busy Override

Attendant Recall

Call Waiting

Stored Number Redial

Private Business Line

32 Character Alphanumeric Display

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The DMS-100/IBN Data Unit makes information accessing as easy to learn and to

use as the telephone.  It can be used as a "Standalone" or attached to the

Business Set or standard telephone, for integrated voice and data telephone


Transmits over simple 2-wire loops, at speeds of up to 56 kb/s, using Northern

Telecom's proprietary Time Compression Multiplexing technology; Compatible with

existing computer and data terminal equipment, and is available in different

low-speed and high-speed models, to suit existing terminal capacity.



o  Combines with Business Set or standard telephone, to provide integrated

   voice/data communications.

o  Your data unit and telephone can operate together simultaneously or totally

   independent of each other.

o  Fully digitalized, eliminating bulky analog modems.

o  Ring Again (constant redial on busy numbers)

o  Speed Calling

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For further information contact:

Digital Switching Systems Sales

Northern Telecom Inc.

P.O. Box 13010

4001 East Chapel Hill -- Nelson Highway

Research Triangle Park

North Carolina 27709

Tel: (919) 549-5000

Switching Group Sales, Department S-70

Northern Telecom Canada Limited

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Brampton, Ontario

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