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                            Invisible Stalker

A NAPPA Profile on ESS, written by Blind Justice.

There Was Of Course No Way Of Knowing Wether You Were Being Watched At Any

Given Moment.  How Often, Or On What System, The Thought Police Plugged In On

Any Individual Wire Was Guesswork.  It Was Even Conceivable That They Watched

Everybody All The Time.  But At Any Rate They Could Plug In Your Wire Whenever

They Wanted To.  You Had To Live--did Live, From Habit That Became Instinct--in

The Assumption That Every Sound You Made Was Overheard, And, Except In

Darkness, Every Movement Scrutinized.

[The above is from 1984, by George Orwell]

ESS[Electronic Switching System] is the Big Brother of the phone systems.

With ESS every single digit dialed is recorded in its memory banks. It is

used to settle billing desputes. But the phone company can use it to bust

Phreaks. You see every digit is printed out and archived, where it can be

dug out. But because there are THOUSANDS of pages, it is rare that it will

be dug out until serious action is called for. 

A sample Print out:

Date:  Time:   Length:   Units:   Number:

0408   1819       5        1      9135915

0408   1821       17       3      800-555-1212

0408   1836       1        0      2741747

0409   0127       239      81     9761000

----------EVERY number you make hacking is recorded. EVERY digit. 

In a study done in 1984 it was determined that 1-800 calls lasted 3 minutes or

less, and averaged 4 per household, per month. 

Thus an 1-800 exceptional calling report was devised. It basically means that

any amount of calls OVER a set amount is loged and printed out for further

scrutinization.  In addition, ESS now will only recognize the twelve tones

from your phone, any other tones will notify the authorities. This means that

your 'ol Blue box is useless for the most part.

Within two years the whole phone system will be ESS operated. Already ANI and

911 services are ESS. 

So basically what you have is a very nice little system, of monitoring.

Have phun and remember, do what you can to phuck around now cause you only

got two more years or phone phreedom...

___________________________________________________Blind Justice___________

Anywayz, Call These Fine Boards:

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