Allnet Hacker v4.0
Advanced Netware Security Hacker

AT&T Calling Card Number Generator

PKzip AV Keymaker

Maine Business AssoLINK System

ATM Hacking for the 90's

Phreaking for Beginners

Blue Dial v6.2

BoxTone 1.00



CBI Direct Access Software

Code Buster v3.05

Calling Card Dialer v1.00

Stargates's Cell Hackers Journal v94.11

A Utility to aid in hacking TRW

-= CreditMaster v2.0 =-

CNA Inquiry 2.0

Cracking the UPC

CyberHack v2

CBI Direct Access Terminal Software

The Complete CBI Manual
(By Video Vindicator)
Delam's Elite Password Leecher
Elevator Phreak/Hacking
(Fake identity creator v1.12)
Novell Password Retriever

Hellfire Cracker v1.3

Hacking Directories
Hacking Directories
Hacking Directories
Hacking Directorie
s #4
Amiga Hacker Utility

ICE v1.01

Jolly Box v4.0

Killer Kracker v8.0

Keycopy v1.01

Netware Hacker

How to Look-Up Information on Anyone

Lexis/Nexis Research Software
(with scripts)
Master Hack v1.0

Modem Hunter v2.0

Rather Informative Collection of Text Files for H/Pers

Novel Hacker

Novell Tools

NPA Finder v1.01

World Wide NPA Listings
(by Information Society)
NUA Attacker v1.05
- fox X.25 nets
The Nowhere Utilities v2.0

Omega Team Blue Box v1.10b


PBX Scanner v5.0

Phry Code Pro v3.01

The Technical Book of Phreaking

Phreak Tools v1.1

QCH v1.1

RAM Communications Paging System

BSD Password
(Lets you read shadowed passwds)
Reference Series Volume I
(by Video Vindicator)
Reference Series Volume II
(by Video Vindicator)
Reference Series Volume III
(by Video Vindicator)
Secret of Lock Picking

Simplex Code Generator

(watches people of a NetBIOS connection)

DisLite, UnLzexe, UnDiet, UnTine + Protect!

VrACK v1.0b

Remotely snarf yppasswd files


Brute Force Attack on PkZip 2.0 encryption

Brute Force Hacker for PKZip Files
(from Russia)


The Orange Book

How Beepers are "tapped"


Network User Address Scanner for Sprintnet


Creates Backdoors in BBS's

Removes Password Protection from Games

The Hackers HandBook

Personal PBX

Dink's Channel Takeover Script

Keyboard Key Logger

Fast Zip 2.0 Cracker 1.0.1

Credit Master
(by MPI Developmental Labs)
EMail Bomb Script

BGR 1-1900 Trojan Horse

CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox
(Macs Only) Disk 1
CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox
(Macs Only) Disk 2
Cart It 3.03b
(Macs Only)

AMIDECOD AMI BIO Password Cracker




Decrypt v1.0

FZC v1.04

Glide PWL

BIOS Password Finder

PKCrack ZIP Password Recoverer

Windows 3.x Screen Saver Password Recoverer

UNZIP v1.1


Microsoft Word Unprotect v1.2

WPCrack & WPuncryp

Zexpl ][

Hexed v1.21

PCWatch v1.0

ProView v1.2

SnoopDos v1.1

Nuke Randomic Life Generator v.066

Playback - v1.9c

(by Vexation)
Instant Virus Production Kit v1.0

Pirate Hack v1.0

BreakZip v1.0

Fake CD v1.0

Keycopy v1.01

Game Wizard32

Hex 5.1

Hexcalibur v1.02

Hex Edit

Hexpert v2.1.20

Credit probe
(by Bloodlu)
Disk Jockey modified Killer Cracker v9.5

16-bit Hex Workshop v2.10

32-bit Hex Workshop v2.10

Remote Access BBS Hacking Tools

Xenocide's Hacking Utilities

Advance Netware Security Crack

Novell Bindery Tools for NetWare

Novell .NLM

Utility Checks accounts for Null Passwords on Netware

Hacking Novel Netware FAQ vb3

Novell Brute Force Hacker v.095

Novell Fake File Server v 1.00
Having Phun with Novell (by Lord Foul)

NWPCrack v.5 Beta

Rconsole Modification for Netware

Set Supervisor Password
(with this NML)
(Checks to see other users online with supervisor privs)
NSA Security Guidelines

Sniffer FAQ v1.7

TCP-IP Protocol FAQ v3.3

Security Hole List FAQ v7.0

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) FAQ v1.0

5200-28-STD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Crit.

The PC Hacking FAQ

How to Crack Software Protection

The Social Engineering FAQ

Brute v2.0

Claymore v1.0

(Cracks .PWL files)
PC Unix Password Cracker v2.01

XIT v2.0

ScreenSaver password Cracker

Fast Pkzip Password Cracker v1.4

List of Equal Access Carriers

800 Service Number Allocation & Company Directory

All In One 5.1

Alliance Teleconferencing Systems

All Color-Coded Boxes

Extensive Area Code List

Arpanet Information Brochure

Color Key for AT&T 25pair Cables

AUSTPAC X.25 Information

Blue Beep v7.0

Bluebox Dialer / Multi-Tone Program

Boxes Galore

Caller ID Information

BBS Utility for Auto Caller ID

Caller ID Protocol Specifications

No. 1/1A ESS Custom Local Area Signaling Services

Com Port Help.

Network 2 PC's Via Serial Port

World Numbering/International Dialing

CPID/ANI Developments


Custom PAD Profiles for GS/X.25-IP

Nice Re-Design of the Gold Box

The End of the Dial Tone Monopoly

Equal Access and the America Dream

Ethernet FAQ

Fuckin' Hacker

Turn Phone Numbers Into Words and Back

JDECWRL Gateway's Explained

the Grim Scanner 3.0

Gunbelt III

Amiga Multi-Featured Code Hacker

High Speed Link FTP v1.20r

Jolly Box v4.3

List of US Lata Numbers

Table of US / Canadian Lata Numbers

Massachusetts Exchange Listing

Cybernetik's Mercury Switch Mod

Packet Satellite Technology Reference Sources

FCC Part 68. Concerning Ring Backs

Professor Falken's Phreakers Tool's

Understanding Telephones

Phreaker's Manual

Phreakmaster Lite 1.0

Complete Guide to Sprintnet

Qmodem v4.1

Renegade Legion's RANDSCAN v3.69

Ripterm V15.3

White Box for SndBlstr

Red Box for SndBlstr

PBX Scanner/Hacker


Telnet PC-Pursuit Dial-Up Host

Telephone Privacy in the 90's

Telstar Telephone Control System

Telix Hacker .40 Beta

Yet Another Exchange Scanner

Tone Locater

Gives Tech. Data on all TV Channels

Ultra Hacker 3.0

Improving the Security of Your UNIX System

BBS Software

Amiga War Dialer



Pager Bomber v 1.01a

Novell Netware Monitoring & Debugging

Apex v1.00

AT&T Calling Card Generator

CyberPHREAK v1.0

Fear's Phreaker Tools v2.3

PhreakMaster v1.0

Phone Tag v1.3

Tone Locator Add-on Utilities.