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ESS1 & 1A SwitchingSystems
List of 1A Input/OutputMessage

The TAO of ESS
Central Office OperationsWestern Electric 1ESS, 1AESS

AT&T 5ESS(tm) FromTop to Bottom

5ESS Manual #1
5ESS Manual #2
5ESS Manual #3
ESS 7 is OUT!
Peering into theSoul of ESS - The Master Control Center
Outside Loop DistributionPlant
The Fine Art of Telephony
The Cross Bar SwitchingGuide
Step by Step SwitchingNotes
Operator Services PositionSystem for the 5ESS
Automatic MessageAccounting (AMA) Overview by Phantom Phreaker
CCITT Hierarchy Nomenclature
Custom Local AreaSignalling Services
CLASS Phone Featuresby Chris Ambler (Telecom Digest)
DMS Family of DigitalSwitching Systems
Summary: Descriptionof DMS 10,100,200,250,300 (usenet)
Digital MultiplexSystem (DMS) 100
Northern TelecomDMS100Reference Manual
Helmsmen DocumentationList (For DMS100)
A NAPPA Profile onESS
The History of ESS
Notes from No 2 ESSAdministration and Maintenance Plan