KeyCopy v1.01
Netware Hacker

Loops Explained

More on Trashing

Lnik Looker

PBX Scanner

NUA Scanner

Modem Jammer

Login Hacker

IP Host Scanner

Hack Pak

IP Scanner

Key Copy

Key Log

Key Trap


Ethernet Packet Dumper


Narc v1.0

Cracker Jack
(Recommended File)

POP Mail Cracker

Jill v2.0

Star Cracker

Xit v2.0

New Hack

Killer Cracker v9.11

Crack 4.1


Lard v2.0

Break ARJ

Fast Zip Cracker

AMI Decode

Crack AMI Bios

Uof MN POPMail Password Cracker v1.1

U of MN POPMail Password Cracker v1.0

U of MN SLIP Password Cracker v1.1



Infinity Boxes

The Remote Informer

JollyBox v4.3

MCI Glossary
1 of 2
MCI Glossary
2 of 2
Fucking-Hacker v2.0

Fears Phreaking Tools v2.3b

Professor Falken's Phreaking Tools v1.1

Canadian Red Box


Modem Jammer v2.8

PBX Hacker v1.1

VMB Hacker v3.0

Gunbelt ]1[

Tone Box

All of the Boxes

84 Different Boxes

Bump Beep

Blue Beep v0.10b

A Quarter
(wav format)
PhreakMaster v1.0

Phreak Tools v1.1

Info on Internet Dialouts

Blue Dial v6.2

Bell Special Intelligence

Bluebox Dialer/Wardialer

Info on Blue Boxes

Info on Black Boxes

Info on Beige Boxes

Info on Cheese Boxes

Info on Day Glo Boxes

Info on Gold Boxes

Info on Neon Boxes

Info on Party Boxes

Info on Silver Boxes

Better Homes and Box Building
1 of 3
Better Homes and Box Building
2 of 3
Better Homes and Box Building
3 of 3
Bell Hell
1 of 2
Bell Hell
2 of 2
Box Tones

Box Info

Tone Box Planes

Bullshitting the Phone Company

How Phreakers are Caught

European Blue Boxing

Info on European Boxing

German Blue Boxes

ToneGen v2.0b

Multifrequency Dialer

Omega Team Blue Box

Official Phreakers Manual

Technical Book of Phreaking

Build a Red Box

Red Box Construction

Info on Mercury Switch Ideas

How to build and use a Red Box

Various RedBox plans and programs

Guide to Switches

The Little Operator v3.3

Tone Loc v1.10

Tone Loc Utilities Phun-Pak v.03

THC-Scan v0.8

General Dialer v1.0

Code Theif v3.5 Deluxe

A-Dial Wardialer

A program to detect carrier presence

Delux Fone-Code Hacker v5.0

Demon Dialer v1.05

Demon Typer-Dialer

Exchange Scanner

Grim Scanner v4.0

Modem Hunter v2.0

Super Dial v1.03

WildDialer v2.00



Cops v1.04

Global Security 32-Bit

Internet Security Scanner

NUA Attacker

Satan 1.1.1

Satan Notes

TCP Dump v3.0.2

Tiger v2.2.3

Trace Route

Sniffers FAQ

Ethernet Sniffer

LinSniffer v0.03




Hacking FAQ (alt.2600) Recommended File.
Anarchist Cookbook

UNIX Security Holes

Hole List


Hacking Tips

Improve Your Security

Crash a System

Packet Hijacking

Everything you wanted to know about Unix Passwords

VAX Hacking

Trojan Script

Info on PGP

Ip Spoofing

Unix Tools

Email Holes

Tracing Email

Fake Email

How to get out of a TOS for Password Phishing

So called security of AOL?

Secret Service Code Names from 2600

Secret Service Lairs from 2600

Secret Service Frequencies List 1

Secret Service Frequencies List 2

The Phreakers HandBook
(also found at
Hacker's Encyclopedia

Hacking Servers

Beginners Guide to Hacking and Phreaking

Finding Security Holes

Hole List FAQ

Hacking Telenet

Sniffer FAQ

A Novice's Guide to Hacking

Hacking Tymnet

Hacking UNIX

The Hacker Test

Unix Hacking Commands

Newbie's Handbook

Hacking Ethics

Hack the Milnet

Guiedlines for the Secure Operation of the Internet

PC Hacking

FTP Bouncing

Hacking FTP

Unix, Hacking Tutorial

Social Engineering FAQ

The Internet WORM

Hacking Wal-Mart

SendMail Bug

Telenet Out-Dials