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:_Automated Teller Machines - Basic Series - ATM's
:_Written by/Typed In By Guardian Of Time

Mother Earth BBS will be chaning numbers comming in January, the latest time of
the change should be January 20, 1990, but do keep both numbers handy, and
start checking both around the second week of january. the new number will be
713-393-4764.  Keep that in mind.  Please call, and send us your files,

This seris is for BASIC BEGINNERS ONLY, those who know of this knowledge, will
be wasting their time, and I suggest moving to more advanced files.


This file is my first, and if I feel a need to write another, then so be it
till then this is Part I.

These files will be concerning w/ MPACT.  Now under a new name BANK ONE, don't
be fulled this to will come to pass.

An ATM machine is the simplest machine in the world to work, if you can call a
BBS then you already know half about ATM's...

Well since I work w/ one I'll spill some secrets ( even though they aren't ).

1]  Look for signs that say:


Those signs are a giveaway for a system called Batch Processing, which means
simply that they are exactly one day behind.

Which means to YOU an ATM CARD HOLDER, is that you can use your ATM card on say
Wednesday morning.  Your transaction will NOT be received until that NIGHT.
But if you continue to use your ATM card, the transactions that you did WILL
show up ONLY on ATM Machines.  So If you have $500.00 and you w/drew $100.00 if
you went to another machine and did a balance inquiry, the balance would be
accurate, $400.00.  BUT if you went back into your bank, and then re-checked
your balance you still have $500.00.  Why?? Well simply because your
transactions have NOT been received.  They are still w/ MPACT or w/ the banks
middle man.

Well I'll let you chew on that for a while, this simply means, in English is
that you can goto an ATM machine ( provided that those signs are showing ), and
w/draw your money, and turn around and goto your bank and still have the exact
same balance as was before on the ATM machine!!

If you plan on doing any part of the above mentioned, make sure that your
account w/ that bank has wrong information.  Remember what it takes to open up
an account, and receive an ATM card, some banks require that you have $50.00
all banks require a valid ( hahaha ) Social Security Card, so the only way
around the S.S.C, is to go and get one made at a flea market, or by mail order,
flip to the back of any Soldier Of Fortune Magazine and look for classifieds on
fake Id's and such, PALADON PRESS is a must, for books and information.

Because the "banks" Know this, they are not stupid.  Also remember that NOT
every bank uses this method of processing, some banks receive their
transactions for THAT DAY That NIGHT.  So that you would have to figure out
( or just ask ) when the transactions are posted, this will give you an idea.

Other things that you should, know, some ATM's, not all, have FAKE CAMERAS,
this may sound strange, BUT, it costs around $6000.00 to keep a camera
functional and filming.

W/ that in mind, you can avoid some fears of cameras also, they are activated
when you put your ATM CARD IN THE MACHINE, so for those places that are not to
active and you have some time, find away to stand around the machine, the
actual visual range of those cameras are not quite good, and are very short
ranged instruments.

[camera ]�
[-------]  �        | Text Graphics suck, but you get the gernal idea about the
[  atm  ]   | Your  | camera.  What will actualy be shot of you is your head,
[machine]  /  face  | face, neck and a little below your shoulders, that is
[-------]/ shoulders| about it, for the range.  The clarity of the picture,

Depends on the machine, generaly ATM Machines w/ MPACT, have the highest
reselution graphics wise ( not Ansi or anything like that....hahahaha ).

The camera is hidden right smack above the crt screen, behind a smoke covered
plastic/glass, you would have to plop your face right up to it or have a bright
light source in order to bearly see the camera outlined ( the sun is nice.. ).
Some ATM machines have their crt set where you must look down at it, and then
the camera would be dircetly in an angle from the crt screen upwards.

When you are at a machine, if you don't want your picture taken, do these

1] BEFORE PUTTING THE CARD INTO THE MACHINE, get a small piece of cardboard and
   some tape, and just lightly place it over the camera covering, THEN place you
   card into the machine, from that point on, all transactions are being filmed,
   don't worry they don't sit there and watch, they ONLY process the film IF
   THERE ever is a problem, w/ another bank/credit union, and that will cost
   around $150-$200 to get produced, so more than likely they don't process
   the films.

2] Look for Signs that say "This transaction being filmed for your saftey",
   some companies put out those signs even if there isn't a camera...

3] Stand either to the far left, or to the far right, for some strange reason
   banks assume you will always be standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE MACHINE.

Fun things to look for at/around an ATM machine is the actual receipts, yes
those little receipts can help you do wonders.  what is on the receipt is as

:  (Sometimes) Actual Card Number ( VERY VERY IMPORTANT )
:  Name of Bank the ATM CARD is FROM
:  Amount
:  Time
:  Stupid Sayings

Now the name of the bank is the bank from which the actual machine is from, NOT
the place, some atms are in grocery stores, malls, retail stores, etc..., the
reason is if you ever have problems w/ transactions and stuff or if you where
mugged or denied a transaction you half to have proof of where you where from,
so the machine print prints its bank holders name on it.

The ATM card number is for a reason, part of the number is how Mpact traces the
transactions, theroreticaly there are actualy TWO BALANCES being passed around,
the banks version and then the machines version ( this is of course through
batch processing, real-time machines have NO SUCH problems... ), so there is a
4 to 6 digit number assigned to the card.  The last 4-6 digits is was called a
C.I.F. number, which means Central Identification File, its a fancy name for
another account number..

The name of the ATM cardholders bank is listed on there, if for some reason the
card is ever captured it is returned to the bank from which it comes from,
based upon the long number sequence on it, I will go into more DETAILED
information of the CIF # on a different file, there is quite a bit on the CIF
number so I am going to do another file on it.  Ther is quite a bit of

The amount of the transaction is shown for your reference, some banks, show
that it comes from checking to savings ( transfers ), or checking cash from, or
savings w/drawls..etc..

Time, is sometimes real-time, sometimes military, nothing to important about

Stupid Sayings, banks can specify slogans and such to be printed on the
reciepts " Have a nice day!! "  or " Have you tried an Emma Actt Today?? "

Now if your intelligent you just figured out that the name of the bank from
which the receipt your hold in your hands is on there, for more fun, you might
want to find the bank, and then maybe start looking for a machine there, then
goto their machine and snatch as many receipts from the trash that you can
(you can squeese your hand into those suckers..).

Now the only difficult part of this whole thing, is that the receipts don't
show your name, and well if for some way you can FIND A RECEIPT W/ NAME, OR YOU
KNOW OF ONE, keep it, and then after awhile, call the bank/credit union and
then request an aditional card, give them the information, like name, address,
number ( phone book.... ), the only problem is that some banks request a social
security number to give out information, but you can lie...

Now how do you ask for an aditional card?? well there are two ways, one just
ask for an additional card, get it set up, checking/savings and well you just
happen to be out of town, and will be spending a month or so at this address,
just send the card at POB xxx, and wait, for about 4 days, MPACT, is extremely
quick about turn around for cards being ordered, they practicly gloat over how
fast they get one out.  Also you can say that your card got "captured" use that
word, its the lingo of Atm's, and well you want another one.  Now your saying
to yourself, hey those cards have pin numbers right??  Yes they do, when you
order an additional card/stolen/lost card, YOU MUST GIVE A NEW PIN NUMBER, make
it easy/hard your choice, and then when it comes it, scout around for a machine
that has NO CAMERA...

Now once you get your new card, find a machine w/ no camera and do a BALANCE
INQUIRY, be patient, see first if the card works, then second if the pin # is
acepted, the only prblem that seems to happen is that when you change pin #'s
on a card that is LOST, it deletes the ORIGINAL, thus defeating your purpose,
go the rout of ADDITIONAL CARDS, this way, you will have a handy ATM card, and
the password won't delete the original.  MPACT has a rule, if you enter a PIN
remember that, if you mess up on the pin number today, and don't use the card
till next month, and then you mess up again, you have 2 STRIKES AGAINST YOU,
see?? Consecutive, even if you only use the card 3 times and you mess up all
three times, it will take it, a COMPLETED TRANSACTION, means that you put the
card in, entered the pin number, did a balance inquiry, and then took the card
out, that is a completed transaction ( actualy getting the pin # correct is
fine, better safe then sorry ).  AFter you finish your transaction the slate is
wiped clean, and then you start over w/ 0.

Banks usualy set a figure as to how much money you can w/drawl per day, yeah
just like a D/L ratio, so many credits till your next upload, this case, next
deposit.  Anyway, some is $250, $500, $1000 per day etc... You must remember
that, because each individual ATM MACHINE, also has a set limit per day, well
the banks over rides the machine, now think on that, if you went to New York
and went to a machine and it says $2000 maximum w/drawl, that is FOR THE NEW
YORK BANKS ATM CARD HOLDERS NOT YOURS.  Yours is whatever the bank your new
card is from, to find out, just call the bank and lie, say your interested in
getting an atm card, and well you'd like to know how much you can get out per

Now, if you are going to be stupid and get your new card captured, use the card
around 11:00Pm, and then 2:00Am, at precisely 12:00Pm ( not AM, PM!! ), your
balances change, so you can get twice the money, before they receive the actual
posting file. Confused?? WEll also remember this, it also depends on the
balance your stealing from ( and you are stealing, this isn't phreaking where
you never see the $$$$, you get it!! ), if he/she has the $$$ in the account,
you can only withdrawl the amount that the credit union/bank allows.

Remember NEVER NEVER use a card where a camera is, that is the bigest NO NO!!,
if you do and they do pressure the bank to print the film, your smily face is
shinning big and bright!!

This is the end. The next file will contain technical information ( I hope ),
about the actual ATM Machines.  For instance how much money, what kind of data
communications, security, etc...

File #1 Completed December 15, 1989 12:15Pm -- Guardian Of Time --

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