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:_ATM Part 4
:_Typed In By: Guardian Of Time
:_Inside An Atm Machine

Part 1-3, describe some basic ideas on how a balance is transfered, how to
commit a fraud and with that knowledge, IF you work at these same institutions,
you can correct some of the fraud that is going to be, or tried at your
establishment, and other ideas.


An ATM machine is broken up into two main sections, there are two doors, the
top part slides out, and the bottom half just opens like a regular door.

:1:                                            :                            :
:::                                            :         Numeric            :
:                 Monitor                      :                            :
:                 And Security Camera          :         Key Pad            :
:                                              :                            :
:                                              :                            :
:                                              :                            :
:2:                                            :                            :
::: Power Supply                               :      Cash Dispense Tray    :
:   Combination ( Tumbler ) Lock               :                            ::
:   Deposit Box                                :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:                                              :   Cash Boxes are located   ::
:                                              :   Here, 20's, 10's, 5's    ::
:                                              :   Always Top Draw with the ::
:                                              :   Highest Bill.            ::
:                                              :                            ::
:                                              :                            ::

Sorry for the rough drawing, but that is the basics of it, the Top part #1
slides out on a rack, and you have behind the monitor, your captured cards, a
small box, to the far right, behind the Numeric Key Pad, you have your Receipt
Paper, and Printer Ribbon.  This is not always so, on some machines you have
the Numeric Keypad located near the middle of the TOP part, and the Receipt
Paper comes on on the far Right.  On some this whole scheme is not correct, so
it depends on the actual machine.  You can tell though which slides and which
opens, by looking for the hinge on the side, usually on the right, which
consequently opens to the right.

Section #2 of the ATM, is where EVERYTHING lies, your money, your deposits,
your power supply, and such.  To the far right of the door, is the money tray,
this section slides out, and is locked with a key like a coke machine type key.
The money is in different Trays, these trays, contain your money, ALWAYS with
the highest money count first.  Actually thats not true, because you have a
capture tray which is above the money trays, but that really doesn't count.

So your money will always go like this:

Catch Tray       -- Catches money separators, torn bills ( truly the 1st tray )
$20.00 -- First  --  Can hold around $200,000.00 or $300,000.00
 10.00 -- Second --  Double That
  5.00 -- Last   --  Double That

Or your lowest Last, your actual TRAY, that holds the Money, is something of a
treat, if you ever get a hold of one of these suckers, they are a sinch to
open.  It is SUPPOSED to take a small unlocking mechanism to unhitch the lid,
in order to open it, you must slide 2 small, and I mean VERY SMALL, pipes or
something like that, through the slots, they most go through to the end of the
tray.  Then with the same coke/type key you used for your Deposit Box ( More on
that later, ), you turn it, and with the prongs on the side, you simply slide
those away from you and lift.  Simple ehh?  You want to know a quicker way to
break open one?  Just simply hack with a hammer at the Hinge on the back of the
tray, once that is shattered, you can simply grip the lid, and the box, and
pry open the box.  I suppose that most people don't care about the easy way,
they more than likely want to quickest way to open a tray.

I have personally never added up how much money an actual tray can hold, but
just to give you an example the above mentioned graph should hold the amount
mentioned in the $20.00's section, I have put in $20,000 before so I know it
can at least handle $20,000.00 without NO PROBLEM.  BTW, if you are wondering
the BEST TIME to scout out an ATM machine is around HOLIDAYS, 4th of July,
Christmas, those with extended days, because the NIGHT of the holiday meaning
for the 4th of July example, the 3rd of July the ATM machine is PACKED FULL,
those trays are at their peak, meaning they are stuffed, with money.
Consequentually, the WORST time to go and poke at Machines is when the holiday
is almost overwith, or that night.  It depends on how much the ATM is used, if
its used heavily, like the ones at the Galleria, they are more than likely
refilled Daily, one like ours, you can put in $20,000.00 and not touch it for
one week.  So it depends on where your machine is located.

The money trays can be pulled out, on a sliding tray, so that you can see how
the money is flowed from the container to the actual door where you pick your
money at.  There are sensors all along the rollers which dictate to the
machine, just HOW MUCH is being dispursed.  The funny thing is the machine
doesn't know THE DIFFERENCE between a ten dollar bill or a 20 dollar bill.
Each tray MUST BE in the order specified.  If you put a 10 tray where the 20
tray belongs, guess what? you start dispursing 10's and not 20's!! hehehe, so
the order of the trays are extremely important.

If you wanted $50.00, the machine takes that figure, and "see's" what it can
do, meaning, that it will pull two twenties ( $40.00 ), and then drop to the
next tray ( $10.00 Tray ), IF there is enough ten's it will dispurse ONE Ten,
thus coming up with your Total of $50.00.

Your next question MIGHT be well what if the machine dispurses to MUCH? That
is HIGHLY UNLIKELY and why? Well MPACT is not that stupid and they put in a
small backup procedure so that if the above paragraph messed up, then this
would kick in, the machine actually WEIGHS EACH BILL, the sensors are so
sophisticated that it can TELL if its dispensed TWO TEN'S instead of ONE TEN,
then on that action, the machine will then SHUT DOWN, going into an error
mode, showing you that wonderful message "Temp Out Of Service", you can then
take NIA FILE#08 and look up the code, and you'll know what exactly the code
means ( PLUG PLUG PLUG PLUG ).  Each of the bills are weighed and counter
weighed so that if one set goes out, there is always a backup.  So the next
time you start hearing people say "Yeah man it gave us $500.00 and we only
wanted $50.00", it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY though it HAS HAPPENED, the first ATM's
where extremely bug ridden, and we all know of at least one or two cases about
some kind of theft by ATM, well they are getting better and better, and you
will need to know MORE TRICKS if you want to get away with more.

Inside the Machine, top righthand area,is an Audit Tape, this records
everything that the machine does, also there is an Audit Tape, within the
building, same thing, every thing the machine does, its logged to tape, but I
have found that not many people look at it, or bother with it.

There is also room enough, top right hand side, for two rolls of Recipt paper,
used for, your printed receipts.

Well, that will be about it on this File, this particular one as I mention in
the first File, is that this is a BASIC SERIES, if I touched LIGHTLY on one
subject, feel free to leave me email on Mother Earth, I can be reached there
anytime after 5:00pm, also if I went to HEAVY on a subject, and would like
more follow up, just give me a call.  The difference between NIA and those
"Other Groups" is that WE WILL follow up, and WE WILL try our best to answer
any all questions.

                   N.I.A. - Ignorance, There's No Excuse.