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Well, here is some info about the NAMBA I & II virus.  It strikes on July
4 of this year, originated from Japan.  Remember who brought it to you - NIA.

     Newspapers reported on April 24 that a virus was found in a
simulation game software "FAR SIDE MOON" (9500 yen) for Sharp personal
computer X68000.  It has been sold by Artdink Inc. since April 13 in
Japan.  The virus was detected by Computer Virus Institute (Takao
Yamamoto, director) of Federation of Japanese Computer Clubs.

     According to Yamamoto, this virus is programmed so that it keeps
inactive until July and after that data on floppy or in the computer
will automatically be erased whenever one switches on the computer.

     So far 3000 sets have been sold, among which half are contaminated.
It is conjectured that the computers in Artdink Inc. are invaded by the
virus while developping the game software.

     Today (May 2) Asahi Shinbun (one of the major daily newspaper in
Japan) disclosed that it succeeded in making contact with one of the
virus makers.  According to the report, the maker is a high school boy
of age 17, who lives in Kagawa prefecture.  Forty people collaborated
in making the virus and got several tens of thousand yen (several
hundred dollars) for each from the client, who ordered through PC
network for hackers.  The virus program was completed in three months
and distributed secretly since last September.

     Federation of Japanese Computer Clubs told that there have been
two viruses (viri?) for X68000, named "Namba I" and "Namba II".
"Namba I" becomes active on July 4 this year and it deletes data on
the computer or foppy disks.  If the computer is contaminated with
both "Namba I" and "Namba II", some X68000 do not accept any floppy
after 0:00 May 2.  The federation has developped a vaccine and
distributing it among PC shops and users. If, however, a computer is
contaminated with both viruses, it does not even accept the floppy
disk of the vaccine.  In this case, user should bring the computer to
the maker and ask to change the parts.

Hellos go out to Gaurdian Of Time, Kalkin, Oxidizer (you need to come
out w/another file guy), and the people at Phrack Inc.