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    Hello again, well, 18 dayz of school left, but here is NIA file 31,
this is part one to a series on the information of the government crackdowns
in May of 90 dealing with pirates/hackers/phreakers.  If more news is to come
than the series will be continued.

>From AP wire.
05/09/90     HACK-LI         RP    PM 0509   PM-ComputerHackers

Government Launches National Search For Computer Hackers[QL]
    WASHINGTON (AP)  The Secret Service is conducting a coast-to-coast
investigation into the unauthorized use of credit-card numbers and
long-distance dialing codes as well as illegal entry into computer
systems by hackers, according to sources.[EP]
    Search warrants were obtained by the Secret Service to conduct
searches tuesday in 13 cities, including Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit,
Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, N.J., New York City, and Pittsburgh, said
the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.[EP]
    The investigation is being supervised by Stephen McNamee, the U.S.
attorney in Phoenix, Ariz., and Bob Corbin, the Arizona attorney
    The two officials scheduled a news conference today in phoenix to
discuss the searches, the Secret Service said.[EP]
    Secret Service spokesman Richard Adams declined to discuss details
of the case.[EP]
    The investigation in Phoenix is also focusing on incidents in which
computer hackers allegedly changed computerized records at hospitals
and police 911-emergency lines, according to one source.[EP]
    Up to 150 Secret Service agents participated in the searches
Tuesday, according to one source.[EP]