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ATM Card Ordering: How Is It Done?

This particular ATM file, will be more detailed on the side of the Banks, and
how the card is processed and ordered.  There are certain steps that are
done in order to get your ATM Card Request Form processed and Ready for

This file is going off the BATCH PROCESSING method, if you do NOT know what
batch processing is, then please find my other files and read up on it
otherwise, you will/might be lost.

Any questions concerning ATM's look for Guardian Of Time, at your local
private BBS.  I will be comming out with a few more ATM (NIA Updates), soon,
correcting/going over what other people have wrote.  I hope and feel that if
you attempt to or perhaps want the upper hand in a discussion, that you will
read the OLD files, see why they are OLD and then read mine, I will go over
everything and all questions will be answered.

I may be repeating some items that are discussed in other NIA/ATM files.
But the only reason that they are being repeated is because that if I don't
repeat myself you will not be able to follow, nor will you be able to
understand ( assuming that you are NOT familiar at all w/ ATM's ).


You fill out the Card Request Form, MPACT has a few that they dump on their
clients ( banks ) but for arguments sake I'll describe one below in the best
way possible, by using Text Graphics ( No, No, Anything but that! ).













This is you basic form, on one side is the above the other side is what is


______  ______  ______  ______

Do not select 0000 or Q or Z

Now the reason that you can NOT use straight zero's is because MPACT simply
does not allow it, and the Q or Z dates back to the Telephone Days, you can
NOT have a Q or Z on a Telephone IE, you don't have it on the ATM machine.

The PIC is 4 digits and or Letters, you can make it whatever you want, most
people, because they are stupid, ignorant, dumb, insanse, etc, make their 4
digit/alpha PIC code as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, they make it like 1234, their
name, pet name, kids name, their Master Card #, their Visa # etc.  You will
find that no matter how many times you tell them to make it difficult, they
are just plain dumb and stupid, ( and should be held responsible for it! ),
they will make it easy.  Because 4 digits/alpha is just to hard to remember.

Once you have filled out the form you will then return it to either the
teller or your ATM coordinator.  Remember that person, for the ATM
Coordinator, is the one that orders your cards and such.  Banks have
different ways of breaking up the ordering processing.

: Filling Out The Card
: Turning it in
: Member Search to make sure Joe Blow is for real
: Does Joe Blow fall into the appropriate Category for ordering cards
: Does he have an ATM card now?
: If NO Give new CIF number
: If Yes Re-apply, give to ordering personal.
: Order Card.
: File record ( Order Form ).
: Note Date, and verification forms.

Thats about the simplest I can go, it could go real detailed, to real
simple, some places don't care who you are, some do.  Some banks charge
money just to set up the card ( above process ), others do not. Some charge
for Re-Ordering Of cards some do not.

That is it for ordering the card, you should get some story about the
services offered ( if not they are stupid people as well ), and you should
be told that the card will be ordered with 2 days and you should get it
within 3 to 4 days.


The processing of the form is quite simple, I went over it already, you turn
in your card, they look up your history, to see if you have had any bad ATM
records, NSF (Bad Checks), etc, depending on your banks, level of processing.

The form will then go to the ATM coordinator.  He/she will then place your
card for ordering.

Once that is done it is time for Assing a CIF


Central Information File: A nmber used to relate customer's accounts.  This
                          method of centralizing related accounts provides
                          cardholders access to multiple accounts with one

In English, this means the actual last 4 or 5 digits of your ATM card, every
ATM card has what is called a CIF number, that number relfects, in essace,
your account w/ MPACT, they can NOT find ONE THING with out that CIF #.
Most assured though, your Account at your bank will have a notation of it
somewhere, for your file must be sent each night to update it.


The actual MPACT CARD itself is quite the same as a credit card, for each of
the numbers means something, and well, just so you won't feel left out, here
are what the MPACT numbers mean.
                        3          MPACT (TM)         3
   FRONT OF CARD        3     5912345678123456121     3
                        3                             3
                        3  JUDGE DREDD         MPACT  3
                         3  [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]   3
                         3  [______________________]   3
                         3  PARAGRAPH STATING ABOUT    3
                         3      RULES/LAWS CARD        3
                         3                             3
                         3        CIRUS/PULSE          3
                         3                             3

Sorry for the crapy text graphics, but I am no artist, so screw you if you
think its bad.

In reference the the Mpact card number ( 5912345678123456121 ), those
numbers mean something, so here is the explanation:

The first two digits ( 59 ), will always be a 59, which indicates that the
card is indeed an MPACT card and that it is a DEBIT CARD.

The next eight digits ( 12345678 ) represent your banks routing/transit
number.  This number is in essance your banks Account Number with Mpact, all
transactions can be looked at by your Accounting Department in a second with
that number.

The next series of numbers ( 123456 ), indicate your CIF ( central
Identification file ) number.  This number is YOUR account number with
MPACT.  Your bank can do NOTHING without this number.  So make sure that you
have it with you at all times.

Next set of numbers ( 12 ), is your GROUP NUMBER.  Group numbers offers a
simple way of giving out ATM cards with the SAME CIF number.  Since if you
DO send out the same ATM card w/ the SAME CIF number, you will in fact,
cancel each other out, and both cards will work, but only have 0.00$
balances, and those are no fun.

The last digit on the card ( 1 ), is your Revision Number.  The revision
number is somewhat like your group number.  But this number is used in the
re-ordering of lost/stolen cards ( which if they do that, people are just
stupid, since it is MUCH easier to just re-issue another CIF number ).

That was the front side of your ATM card, now, I will go over what is on the
BACK side of the card.  This part is what is considered the most IMPORTANT
part of the whole card, for this is how the ATM machine READS your card, and
knows that YOU are YOU.

The Magnetic stripe contains three tracks for encoded information.  Track
one contains the customers name ( front of card ), track two contains all
the infromation explained above ( the ENTIRE card number ).  Track three is
used for off-line capability, and since MPACT is on-line, the track is

Track One: JUDGE DREDD         <- As it appears EXACTLY on the Front of the card
Track Two: 5912345678123456121 <- The ENTIRE Card Number
Track Three: Blank             <- Usless

There is of course that stupid signature card line.  This line is just about
as obselete as 300 baud modems are today.  But rules are rules, and most
merchants state that you must have a signature and it must be signed.

The Information listed in the paragraph basically goes over some basic rules
and such concerning your ATM card.  Also if you FIND an ATM card, there is
an address for which to send it to.

That address is:

P O BOX 163189
IRVING, TX 75016

Also finally on the back of the card there may be some logo's ( NO not LEGOS
LOGOS!! ), these too are just about useful as spitting in the wind.  Why you
ask? Because MPACT cards can be used in just about any ATM terminal.


Ok, now for the part that most Mpact Coordinators Dredd (pun) the most.  You
must actually order a card.


1] The card can have ANY name on it.  Current Law states that the signature on
   the bottom of your APPLICATION is all the validation/verification to access
   your account.  So throw out all of what you know about
   Cosigners/CoApplicants.  Once you sign that bottom Signature ( MPACT CARD
   REQUEST FORM ), you can in essance, give me access to your account, even
   though I didn't sign your signature card.  Neat Law ehh?

2] You can order just about as MANY cards as you want.  Mpact system allows you
   to order two cards per shot ( as you will see later on ), but you can just
   state how many you want.  Remember that banks treat the odering of cards in
   different ways, you might actually have to pay for the ordering of your card
   something like this routine, "Sir the card will cost you 3.00$ to oder." or
   "We would be happy to sign you up, there will be a 15.00$ processing fee to
   oder your card."  So be careful when you oder your cards, BANKS will screw
   you any chance to $$$ from you, since we all know the S&L crissis they NEED
   the money.

3] The Processing is very quick ( must be done before 3:00pm later on that ).
   and you SHOULD get your card ( REMEMBER MPACT!! Not Pulse Not Cirrus ), in
   5 working days, if you don't call your bank.  Make sure that you are with
   MPACT though.

4] Ask your bank about Fraud/Theft Policy, and LISTEN to what they say.  For
   if you lose your card and do NOT call your bank within 5 working days,
   ( Actually I believe its three ), and you do NOT report that your card has
   been lost/stolen and (heheheehe) someone withdrew money out of your account
   you will only get back 50.00$ nothing more nothing less.  Even if they took
   out 250.00$, you would be out only 200.00$.

Now the next few pages are going to be an example of what the MPACT system
actually looks like.  So you will get a feel for what your bank does to get


As you may know or not know, part of ordering your MPACT card is done by
dialing directly into their computer system and well here is the format of
the system and the number to dial.

214/869-9310 Standard 2400 N81, using Telix 3.12, so you don't need any
special program to dial into the network.

As soon as you log on ( or when Telix returns to the user screen, you will
get no prompts, and no signs, just start hitting your enter key, you will
get what APPEARS to be line noise, it is NOT.  You can sign on from those
Garbled bits OR you can just keep hitting your enter key till you see the


Once you are passed that part ( and I'm not going to spoil the young Hacker
in you, YOU find your own way passed that part ), you will need to actually
sign onto a network.

MPACT allows many users to sign and modify records, order cards, delete
cards, I am not at this time aware what TYPE of computer system they run off
of, but if anyone finds out, please send me an update, and I'll write about
or you can write about it.

Now the actual sign format is this:

/SON,xxx,xxxx,xxx,xxxx (Enter)

/SON :=  Sign On
xxx  :=  All Mpact Accounts are assigned an RB #.  Used in reports/files
xxxx :=  User Identification
xxx  :=  User Password
xxxx :=  MPACT Bank Number.  All banks are assigned a number.

You can not use your enter key, you are not a Bulletin Board, so remember
this clue, EVERY command is entered by pressing CONTROL Z not by pressing

Once you get the correct format ( have fun ), you are now signed on, but you
can not modify anything, unless you are in INPUT MODE.

BTW, If you mess up on the PW option this is the answer you'll get:


Input Mode is the ability to modify initial entires and make changes to
existing information.

ENTRY CODE:  HA (enter)

You are now ready and able, to process cards, delete cards at your will.


When ordering MPACT cards there is an explicit procedure to doing it, and you
if you don't follow their format, you will NOT be able to order cards.

Let me stress this, their system does not KNOW what ACCOUNT number is or can
be tied to a card.  So in all truthfulness if you are good pals with the
MPACT coordinator and you feel the urge to jack with peoples accounts, you
can have your mpact card tied to someone elses account, with drawl the
funds, then change the account back or kill the card and then your problem
is erased.

Mpact does NOT keep any records, at least as far as I know, so in theory or
in practice, if you can erase the reports, and trash all the printouts after
5 days the records has been permanetly erased ( MPACT THAT IS BAD NEWS FOR
YOU ).

DA (^Z) (Odering A Card)

GP 00
WL  01
NAME 1 Judge Dredd///
ADDR  Anywhere address
ADDR  any town, st      zipcode

CIF <-  This is the number that you need when you call your Mpact Coordinator
        Remember up above the Text Graphics of the Mpact Card, remember the
        numbers 123456, well this is your identification number that MPACT
        uses to keep track of you and such.  This number is your ACCOUNT NUMBER
        with Mpact.

GP   <- Group Code, a Group Number is a number that can be used to INCREASE
        your Mpact Numbers by 99 ( 123456 99 times over ), also if your
        card has been lost/stolen this is used in captured it, if you have a
        member who has a card, reports it lost, you can change the GP Number
        and the next person that tries to ues that card will get it
        captured.  Why? Because the Group doesn't MATCH what was printed on
        the BACK of your Card, remember the magnetic strip??

CD   <- Different Letter Combinations here, will cause different results.
        For ADDITIONAL card orders the card (AA) goes here or if you are
        UN-deleting a CIF number (FF) goes here as well.

WL   <- Withdrawl Limit.  This code can give you an extremely HIGH limit on
        your MPACT card.  Like saying you have a 5k Credit Card.  Most
        businesses keep their limits low, around 250.00$ but with a number
        you can increase that with NO problem.

PRI DDA <- This is what they call your Checking Account.  This is WHERE you
           can tell how you can tie different cards to different accounts.
           All you have to do is put in ANY NUMBER that is a REAL Account
           Number on your Banks Side, and presto, instant Access To that
           Accounts Money.

PRI SAV <- Exact same thing as above, you can have the same number,
           different numbers or a DEAD number ( MPACT DOES NOT KNOW IF A
           handy for when you want to order all your friends CARDS with
           their handles on it.  Impressive Too...hehehe

The rest you should figure out quite easily:


Doesn't take much of a brain to recognize that.

One thing on the NAME though, Mpact, can NOT use hyphens, apostrophys,
dashes and such and such so for instance:

Judge S. Dredd          <- JUDGE S DREDD///
Mr. Judge S. Dredd      <- MR JUDGE S DREDD///
Judge Dredd O'Bryan     <- JUDGE DREDD OBRYAN///

You get the idea, also the NAME must END with 3 slashes ( one with the
Question mark on it ), this tells MPACT that the name is finished.

Once you enter all the cards that you wish to order, you must then enter in
their PIC number or their Personal Identification Code.  Some places call it
their PIN or Personal Identification Number.  They both mean the same thing.

You see, if you don't do thier Pics the Card will be dead and usless.  The
member would then have to mail in their ENCRYPED version and that sucks.

DJ (^Z)

001933  00  1234
008898  00  NIA1
009999  00  9999

Just as an example, you can enter in ANY PIN number, but just as long as you
match it up with the correct CIF NUMBER.  If you do not, the result
( obviously ), is that the WRONG CIF ( aka MPACT CARD ) is assigned the



CIF 123456
GP  00
WL  01

You would do that with EACH and every card.  MPACT shows 2 Sets per screen.
So you can ONLY delete 2 at a time ( which sucks in my opinion ).

Once you deleted the cards you MUST turn off the 'R' Flag:


CIF 123456
GP  00

You must TURN OFF the flag or else it will keep kicking out on your reports
and you don't want this, for it is QUITE annoying to keep on chasing dead


When you receive your MPACT card in the mail, you should have a ton of
propoganda, well this is just for your spare time, nothing of use or
interest is there.

You do however have your MPACT CARD and a strange looking card that mumbles
about entering your pic or not?

Some banks automatically set you up for a card and mail it to you.  Some
banks do not.  If you happen to be on the automatic system you would
probably have to send in a card to activate your pic.  If so, you have what
is known as an encrypted cif.  The cif has been converted over to a 5 or 6
letter password, almost like how Unix does with their passwords.

So you would have to send it in cause if you don't your card would be dead
and then every time you tried to use your card it would probably bable about
you needing to contact your financial institution or your card will just get
captured, since in essance it is not a real card yet.


What is this?  This is a book that MPACT generates at your request ( costs
around 30.00$ for a copy ).

This book is handy only for the fact that it shows EVERY one of your card

123456 00    1 OR 2       12345    01 OR 02  PRIMARY   ACTIVE OR INACTIVE

Nothing to special about this line above, you can tell the card number, what
group its in, Checking/Savings, Account #, Primary or Alternate, then
verbaly telling you, and then to see if you card is active or not.

Not to difficult.  If you can find one of these books, you can commit a bit
of fraud, by finding one of the INACTIVE accounts, walking in or mailing
into the bank an ATM CARD REQUEST FORM, and instead of sending it to the
real address, just put a note on there to send it to your New Address.  Most
people will not catch it or most will not care.  So you could possibly get a
card ordered and mailed to anywhere you would like.  Just as long as you
know the sequence of how they validate/order cards.  Like I mentioned
earlier some banks are VERY easy on making a request, and some are VERY
difficult ( like making you fill out a CREDIT application for a DEBIT
card! ).

The SPEC20 book is in two sections.  One comes in Account Order sequence and
another comes in CIF Order sequence.  Here is a tip.  If you are looking at
your Account Order Sequence, remember this the LOWER the account number the
OLDER the person is and consequently the HIGHER the account number the NEW
and/or YOUNGER the person.  Now this is NOT always true, but if you are
planning a scam, you should KNOW how the banks Account Number structure is
set up ( do they assign accounts by 10's, 1's or by giving each person 10
Accounts to play with ie: you open up account number 200 you can then open
up accounts 201-209 for your personal enjoyment ), anyways you can do a bit
of detective work and find out how their numbering system works, then you
can figure out where the MAJORITY of the OLDER MEMBERS are at.  With that
bit of knowledge you can then bluff your way or know NOT to use that
account. Why would you not want to?  Here is a reason why "My name is Judge
Dredd and you had BETTER know who I am, BTW do you KNOW who I am??"  People
have lost more jobs because of this.  Banking is a bitchy job and people are
real assholes.  But anyways, you get the idea.

With the Spec20 Book you can attempt to bluff your way into getting your OWN


Mpact has a service, that is called their HELP DESK.  The help desk is very
active and very FRIENDLY.  You will need to practice some patience when
contacting them for they don't KNOW you but according to MPACT LAW, they
should ONLY talk to the MPACT CORRDINATOR but if you whine a bit, you can
get them to talk to you.

But anyways this Help Desk is used for when you have any types of Problems
with Mpact, also you can open calls and stuff.

This is where you can also order your SPEC 20 BOOK from.  If your smart
enough you can bluff your way and get them to send you a booklet to you.

1-800-523-7228.  That is the help desk number.  When you call, don't be a
dick 'cause these people are NOT stupid.  Easy to bluff MAYBE, STUPID no.


Coverage on the ATM Machines is 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  This
means that if your banks ATM machine goes down, the machine sends a signal
to MPACT and the MPACT HELP DESK will give you a call.  Now they can call
you several ways. You can be called by a real person or by a beeper.  Once
you are "paged" you call the 1-800 ( its another # and I can't think of it
right off the top of my head ), and they will tell you what the problem is.
Sometimes the problem are simple and sometimes they are major.  But
generally you have to go OUT to the machine, so if you can get the machine
to go "down" then time how long it takes the person to come out there.  You
can then get around to figuring out your time lag between the machine and
time the person arrives.


Dial this number 1-800-526-7228 and listen to the phone system.  If you
can't figure out what to do then contact your local BBS board and find
someone who can help you.


713: Sir Garlon - Welcome back to the living!! The Veiled Society is Back!
713: The Micron - Man has some shit been hitting the fans lately?
818: Mallorean  - Good luck with 950.

Well guys that is for ATM's for awhile, if you have ANY comments, questions
suggestions, etc, please give Mother Earth a call.  We will be GLAD to try
and help you out.

Also we would LIKE to see some people write some files and send it to us, so
please write up some files and get them to NIA and we will review it and put
it up if its good.  If no it will be added to the correct sub board.