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                            Len Rose Arrested Again
                               by Judge Dredd

I am sorry to report that Len Rose has been arrested again, and
charged with 'computer tampering', a violation of state law here in

In this most recent matter, Mr. Rose had moved with his wife and
children to the Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL. He moved here to my
area about three weeks ago, having been promised a job by a computer
software company. He had been on his new job one week when he was
accused of giving inappropriate commands to the computer, accessing
files which it is claimed were none of his business. In addition, he
was confronted by his superiors with a copy of a memo which had been
circulating on Usenet claiming that Mr. Rose had sold stolen equipment
to friends of the writer of the memo.

On his final day of employment, Mr. Rose was visited by federal agent
Tim Foley, the fellow who has been involved with much of the Operation
Sun Devil investigation since the beginning. On the advice of his
attorney, Mr. Rose declined to speak with Mr. Foley at the time.

A day or two later, federal and local officers came to Mr. Rose's new
residence in Naperville and conducted a raid, placing him under arrest
based on charges filed by his new employer. Mr. Rose now
incarcerated in the DuPage County Jail, Wheaton, IL, where his bond
was set at $50,000. Efforts by his attorney have gotten the bond
reduced to $10,000.

In the meantime, Mr. Rose's wife who speaks very little English and
his small children are alone in Naperville, an unfamiliar community
to them with no money and/or resources He is not without counsel
however; his friends and attornies are aware of his current situation
and are trying to get him out of jail and get a factual and candid
account of what happened.

As Jim Thomas points out in the current issue of Computer Underground
Digest something very strange is going on ... I refer you to the
current issue of CuD for more specifics on this case. If you are a
subscriber to CuD, you should have received an issue on Saturday
morning with this story.

Was this latest turn of events a 'set up' of some kind, or a
conspiracy against Len Rose? It seems doubtful, yet if the new charges
against him are true, then he must be a very self-destructive
individual. Quite honestly, I was shocked to receive this report a few
days agp from Jim Thomas (I promised not to publish it until he did),
and I really don't know what to think. I do feel terribly sorry for
his wife and children at this point, alone in a strange place without
the resources they need for survival.

It should be remembered that under the Constitution of the United
States, Mr. Rose must be presumed innocent of the latest charges
against him until they are proven in court.  PT