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Files 1-360 for your digestion.

New cDC texts #360 to #331.....

The Journalist's Cookbook v1.0 by Reid Fleming
Dark Harvest by Sangfroid
San Francisco Cab Driver Stories by G.A. Ellsworth
Flag Rant by The Nightstalker
The Longer March by Oxblood Ruffin
Shit-Burnin' by Cal Jacobson
Unchained by Isis
Pulp Philosophy by Shadeshifter
Remembrance of Things Past by Pixie
The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow by DilDog
Where Have My Heroes Gone? by KSM
High School Reunion: The Nardcore Adventures of Reid Fleming by Reid Fleming
When Cults Collide by The Nightstalker
SPANK MY MONKEY by Lady Carolin
The Man With The Creosote Grin by Oxblood Ruffin
A Day Off for DrunkFux by DrunkFux
Wackers: The Secret Life of a 'Fantasy Maker' by Isis
Some Form of Success by Weaselboy
Wuss Vandals Get Hassled by the Man by Rev. Anna Truwe
R.I.P. by Poppy Z. Brite
Hacking PC/Payroll for Windows by Tarkin Darklighter
Political Rant #1 by THE NIGHTSTALKER
Who's Gonna Get Screwed Today? NetBIOS Attacks over TCP by SirDystic
Reid Fleming: Lady Killer by Reid Fleming
I'd Rather be Dead than Live in California by Oxblood Ruffin
Milk and Blood by Lady Carolin
How to be an Anarchist at 7-11 by Snarfblat
BELLKORE Exposed! by Oderus Urungus
Don't Talk to Cops by Robert W. Zeuner
Angry Sun by Franken Gibe

Texts from #1 to #330....

Gerbil Feed b0mb! - Swamp Rat
Wizardry Docs?! - Swamp Rat
Wizardry Spells - Swamp Rat
Rescue Raiders Docs?! - Swamp Rat
Renegade Cows - HAL 8999
How to Disrupt School Assemblies! - Sid Vicious
Slow Death - Swamp Rat
The Book Of Cow - FrankenGibe
Society Sucks (and what to do about it) - Psychotic Opposition
P.E.A.C.E. - Psychotic Opposition
Suicidal Tendencies (Join the Army) lyrics
Metallica: Master of Puppets lyrics
Gibe's Guide to North American NPA's.. - Franken Gibe
Gibe's UNIX Command Bible - Franken Gibe
Frankie's Yellow Pages, vol 1 - Franken Gibe
A Fucked Life (and how to prevent it) - Swamp Rat
a GNU Christmas Story... - Franken Gibe
BUNNY LUST! (Ted and Dave's Animal Fun) - Tippy Turtle
Thompson and Ackeret: Trashing - The Daredevil
B00G and the art of ZEN - Anarchy Inc.
The Cold Truth (from 2600 mag)
How to Card stuff from Home - L.E. Pirate
The Story of a Mercenary - Lord Omega
E-Z destruction! - Dial Tone
Method of Destruction. (USA for MOD) lyrics
The Phone Sex Scandal! - L.E. Pirate
Frankie's Fireside Phreak Primer - Franken Gibe
Frankie's yellow pages, vol II
The Cow Chronicles - Franken Gibe
The Bovine Epic of Creation - Franken Gibe
Money - Today's Monster - Psychedelic Warlord
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles "Crossover" (lyrics)
Fun with Traffic Lights - Dial Tone
Dead Kennedys' "Give me Convenience or Give me Death" (lyrics)
Scarfing - Suicidal Amoeba
On Black Flag (from album cover) - David Tarling
Dead Milkmen "Eat Your Paisley" (lyrics)
Area Code and Time Zone Listing - Dial Tone
Fuck the World - Eddie Flowers
Sex with Satan - Psycoe
The Mentor's "Up the Dose" (lyrics)
Apple Shape Tables - The Dark Static
Metallica "Kill 'em All" (lyrics)
Mail Fraud - L.E. Pirate
Beaming Dream (poetry) - Tequila Willy
Fun with Small Animals. - Sunspot
Hacking into Hell - The Raver
Evil Poetry - Volume 1 - The Raver
The Queen is Dead (poetry) - Sunspot
The Song of the Cow (poetry) - Psychedelic Warlord
The Day my Kid Turned Punk - The Dark Static
Cross of Iron - Issue 1, Part 1. - The Raver
Cross of Iron - Issue 1, Part 2. - The Raver
Cross of Iron - Issue 1, Part 3. - The Raver
Cross of Iron Advertisemen - The Raver
The Prophecy of the Cow - Franken Gibe
History of the Bovinomicon - The Raver
The Nameless Pasture - The Raver
Interview with Neo-Nazi "Ausderau" - Psychedelic Warlord
Megadeth's "So Far, So Good, So What" (lyrics)
Bovine Death - The Raver
Scotty's Tale of Sex and Death - Racer X
Sesame Street Posession - Swamp Rat
Death Angel "Frolic Through the Park" (lyrics)
Agnostic Front "Liberty & Justice For..." (lyrics)
Dayglo Abortions "Here Today, Guano Tomorrow" (lyrics)
Thrasher's Metallica interview (1 of 2)
Thrasher's Metallica interview (2 of 2)
Testament "The New Order" (lyrics)
Header from cDc Compilation #1 - Swamp Rat
The *ONLY* Way to get Telenet Thingies! - Tequila Willy
Toxik - "World Circus" (lyrics)
Visions from the Last Crusade - Psychedelic Warlord
The Camping Trip - Franken Gibe
Metallica - "...And Justice for All" (lyrics)
Institutionalized - Necrovore
Held Captive - Racer X
Danzig (lyrics)
The True Story of the cDc - Psychedelic Warlord
A Slayer kind of day - G.A. Ellsworth
Trail of Blood - Sunspot
Geek: The Saga Continues - The Pusher
Youth of Today lyrics..
Interview with Big Black - G.A. Ellsworth
cDc Core #1 - The Pusher
Screwdriver Flippin' - Sunspot
A Tale of Two Sexes - Swamp Rat
Armageddon's Coming (poetry) - Sunspot
Header for cDc Compilation #2 - Swamp Rat
Cow-San - Necrovore
How to Win the Ego Wars - The Pusher
Group Revue - The Pusher
Las Vegas Mutantz from Hell! - The Pusher
Fighting - The Clean Way! - The Pusher
Malcolm McLaren and British New Wave - The Pusher
Dead Kennedys' "Plastic Surgery Disasters" (lyrics)
Twisted Reality - Necrovore
On the Porch Swing - Suzy Rust
Top Gun Krass Kat
The cDc #100 BamBam file - the cDc cultees
cDc Core #2 - The Pusher
Fugazi lyrics
cDc Core #2 1/2 - The Pusher
Gun Control - The Pusher
POetRIE - Obscure Images
Dream Tripped - Racer X
cDc Core #3 - The Pusher
The End - Obscure Images
A Feeling of Electricity in the Air - Jennifer Petkus
The Flesh Man - Richard Avis
Jack and Jack - Obscure Images
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #1 - Krass Katt
Header from cDc Compilation #3 - Swamp Rat
cDc Core #4 - The Pusher
Bear Trap of Love - Krass Kat
A Slight Miscalculation - Bob Cram
Lost Love - Egyptian Alchemist
A Moment in Time - Obscure Images
Retrospective Rock (Ramones, the Runaways and The Who
The Bus Driver - Scum
Ultra Trendies - Psychedelic Warlord
David and Goliath: Goliath's Side - Leper Messiah & Swamp Rat
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #2 - Dave Louapre
It Hurts and Won't Make You Better - Obscure Images
Sunday - Peter Flechette
Stud Muffin R0dent - Tequila Willy
Double Feature - The Dark Static
Death and the Bovine - Lady Carolin
Credit Card Fraud Ideas - L.E. Pirate
My Day With the Dentist - Psychedelic Warlord
The Three Cows - Lady Carolin
The Wild One - Obscure Images
White Rodent's Short Story Lump - White Rodent
cDc Core #5 - The Pusher
Trickledown - Josh Whalen
The Coming of Angels - Obscure Images
Mourning in America - Steve Ross
Life Sentence - The Pusher
Bert: The Poem - Racer X
The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 1 - Obscure Images
Smothered Hope - Obscure Images
Fatal Attraction for Real - G.A. Ellsworth
Inject Me - Obscure Images
Whose Morality? - Tequila Willy
Sanctified - Obscure Images
Mudhoney Interview - G.A. Ellsworth
Dance of the Cow - Akira
The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 2 - Obscure Images
Injustice For All: American Pot Laws - Judy McGuire
Sex, Ecstasy, and Psychedelic Drugs - R.E.L. Masters
cDc Core #6 - The Pusher
Blade Barrier book #3 - Dean Tetrault
The Jolly One. - The Usenet Oracle
No Experience Necessary. - The Pusher
The Happy Machine - Obscure Images
Jack and Jack (revised) - Obscure Images
That Dirty Beach - Tequila Willy
Boredom and Innocence - Obscure Images
Story of an Alternative Lifestyle - The Pusher
A Kindler, Gentler Nation - Tequila Willy
Until the Next Time - Obscure Images
UPSetting - Axiom Codex and Lazar
Beyond Good and Evil - Tequila Willy
Winnie the Pooh - Part I - A.A. Milne
Silent Applause - Part I - The Pusher
Silent Applause - Part II - The Pusher
Bank Fraud - White Knight
Amerika's Most Wanted - Lady Carolin
My Grey Matter - Tequila Willy
Clockwork - Obscure Images
Wet-Mount Slide (Rubber Ducky Sex) - Tequila Willy
Urban Womb (poetry) - EnTrOpY
Fuck You, Swamp Rat (poetry + thoughts) - Swamp Rat
cDc Core #7 - The Pusher
Feed 'em to the Lions (arguments about god) - Tequila Willy
How Do I Love Thee? - Suicidal Maniac
Hip-Hop Primer - Larry Birnbaum and Bill Adler
Amazingly True Things #1 - Swamp Rat
Life Lost; Prosperity Gained - Suicidal Maniac
Woooaaahhh, Nelly! (poetry) - Tequila Willy
cDc Core #8 - The Pusher
It Looked Back at Me - Tequila Willy
The Future - Alien Hin
Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 1 of 2 - Mark Dery
Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 2 of 2 - Mark Dery
The Illusion of Motion - Tequila Willy
My Circumcision - Franken Gibe
The Greater of Two Evils - Obscure Images
The Jesus Lizard Interview - G.A. Ellsworth
Compact Disc Scam - Tequila Willy
Butch - Jane Delynn
SatanTrek - Necrovore
Earth Goo - Lady Carolin
Ruth - Obscure Images
Some General Observations - THE NIGHTSTALKER
Presumed Guilty - Schneider, Flaherty
The cDc #200 Higgledy-Piggledy-Big-Fat-Henacious-Mega-Mackadocious
You-Can't-Even-Come-Close-So-Jump-Back-K-B00MIDY-B00MIDY-B00M File - Swamp Ratte'
One Wrong Move - The Deth Vegetable
Monster Jennifer, or Celibacy Can Kill You - Omega
The Briefing - Reid Fleming
Life in General - Video Vindicator
That Which Strikes Terror Into the Hearts of Men - Lady Carolin
F23 - Obscure Images
A Visit to the Slaughterhouse - Transderm-Nitro
Helmet Interview: July 17, 1992 - G.A. Ellsworth
My Shit, and How to Strangle It - Tequila Willy
Point of No Return - Dave Ferret
The Krill File - O.H. Krill
Smurf Impalement - Tequila Willy
How to Break the Law - Anonymous
Me As TV - Franken Gibe
Amazingly True Things #2 - Swamp Ratte'
Life in Wartime - The Deth Vegetable
The Media and Campaign 1992 - Lewis & Morgan
Sebadoh Interview: March 3, 1992 - G.A. Ellsworth
A Child's Garden of Curses - Lady Carolin
Sickness - Franken Gibe
A Day in the Life of Debbie G1bs0n - The Madwoman
The B!G Envelope Stuffing Scam - Hanover Fiste
The Bird - Obscure Images
Tequila Willy's Position Paper - Reid Fleming & Omega
Simple Cryptology - Dave Ferret
Big Ol' Heaping Pile of Shit - Suicidal Maniac
ISDN: Fucking the Vacuum Cleaner Attachments - Reid Fleming
The 2:00 O'Clock Bus - Tequila Willy & Bambi the Usurper
Sunday Night Inside the Net - Obscure Images
Fred, the Boy Everyone Hated - Allen Williams
Desert Road Dick Disaster - Lady Carolin & Renee O'Willsie
Hybrid Vigor - Curtis Yarvin
Somethin' - Franken Gibe
Easy Rider II - Erik Radmall
The Fart of War - Havok Halcyon
Clubbing - Xibo (Mr. Coates)
Truckin' an' Fuckin' - Omega
Condors, Ganja, Rah Rah Rah! - Clifton Royston & kEvin
Cell-Hell - Video Vindicator
The Darkroom - Mark Vaxlov
Fortune Smiles - Obscure Images
Radiocarbon Dating Service - Markian Gooley
The U.S. Mercenary Army - Phil Agee
The Monolith - Daniel Steven Reinker
Post-Election '92 Cult Coverage - Omega
The Lunatic Crown - Matthew Legare
Yet Another Suicide - The Mad Hatter
State of Seige - Curtis Yarvin
The False Prophets - Lady Carolin
The Bishop - Curtis Yarvin
Better, Stronger, Faster - Omega & White Knight
Hung Like a Horse - Krass Kat
Mess O' Top Ten Lists - Deth Veggie and Iskra
Fecal George
Goodnight, Benjamin - Tequila Willy
Spontaneous Combustion and the Aryan Parade
The HoHoCon 1993 Experience - Count Zero
Vegas, 1976 - Mad Mac
Interview with Greta Shred - Reid Fleming
_Beverly Hills 90210_ as Nostalgia Television - Crystal Kile
What Color Is the Sky in Your World? - Tequila Willy
Chicken Hawk - Mark E. Dassad
Eye-r0N-EE - Swamp Ratte'
Interview with Barbie - Clench
About a Boy - Franken Gibe
Mall Death - Snarfblat
Prophile: Future History - THE NIGHTSTALKER
Time out for Pop - Malcolm D. Moore
Alvin Harper, Teen Killer - Krass Kat
Curious Lack of Vigor - Clench
Dumb and Isolated - Franken Gibe
MaxiSpeak Banana - R.M. Wood
Joseph Smith: Man, Yeas; Myth, Maybe; Propher, NEVER!
Accessory - Orion
RUSH TO JUDGEMENT - Why the world won't end in Sept, 1994
Slowing - Tom Fawcett
Hammers - Obscure Images
Caught in the Spotlight - Peder Ast
cDc press release concerning President Reagan - Reid Fleming
Arguement - Markian Gooley
Possibilities - Obscure Images
Sanford's Calico - James Cazamias
Concise Guide to Forgetting How Much You Suck - Jason Farnon
The Divine Masters - Shriek Broomstraw
Shotgun - Swamp Ratte'
Rejection Letter Blues - Jeff Swanson
Can There be Artificial Intelligence - Tequila Willy
Bob Takes a Trip - Special Agent
How the Grendel Stole Christmas - Annie
Your Hometown - Jason D. Corley
Santa Chulo - Ed Long
At the Dining Hall - Tom Boutell
A Christmas Pony - Grr Raoul Leash
The Healer - Hackler
Boxing Day - Patrick Burton
The Pope Review - Curtis Yavin
Lonliest Being in the World - Broken Symmetry
cDc #300 - CowBeater #3 - The cDc Cultees
Ugly Fucker - Mark E. Dassad
cDc Sought In Obscenity Case - Weasel Boy and Lizard
Getting By When You're as Dumb as Everyone Else, but Uglier - Snarfblat
HoHoCon 1994: Tremendous Damage - Count Zero
Last of the Expressionists - Haywire
The Coward's Guide to Self-Defense - Sunspot
mE tOo!@#$ - Mogel
WareZ KidZ GUidE to PiRaTING oN thE INtERnEt - Tarkin Darklighter
Zen of Skateboarding, Part 1 - Thoai Tran
Slough Off That Pagan Lust - Obscure Images
If Six Was Nine - OXblood Ruffin
Chick Comix - Craig Becker
My Night Out - Obscure Images
Gravity - James Cazamias
Like Father, Like... - Sunspot
My Bug-Pal - Nik
Memory of Timothy Leary - Weasel Boy
Streets of Beijing - Morrisa Sherman
Zen of Skateboarding, Part 2 - Thoai Tran
TEMPEST in a Teapot - Grady Ward
Nineteen Seventy-Seven - OXblood Ruffin
Pariah '67 - Matt Brown
Cybersitter - Peacefire
Painted Stranger - Weasel Boy
Zen of Skateboarding, Part 3 - Thoai Tran
The Great Southern Fire God - John Crow
S/KEY Vulnerabilities - Mudge
Pantslessness - Mark Buda
Quadro-Pounder - Drunkfux
Happyland Cell Block 90210 - G. Allen Perry